Back in the Saddle Again


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Woohoo!!!  Finally feeling better.  So a week later it feels like my upper respiratory infection has finally subsided.  Able to breathe clearly this morning, I decided to get back on the horse and head over to the gym.  Got myself a good cardio workout in, burned over 600 calories for 45 mins.  Very happy with myself.  Tomorrow I will get back to some light weight lifting.  I was a little worried that I was going to get winded pretty quickly, but my body seemed to remember where I left off…actually at one point I think my body said to me “Move your butt big boy.  No slacking”.  So I did.  I tried to keep my heart rate in my target range the entire time.  IT FELT GOOD!!!

Back home now and still feeling like I am breathing clearly and now I am ready to watch some football and eat a healthy lunch.  I kept the no bread part of my diet going while I was sick and was eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I did not eat any sweets outside of yogurt and applesauce while I was sick.  Can’t say that everything I ate was healthy, but I tired to limit anything like that.  I did not feel like torturing myself by weighing in while being sick.  As I said before, losing weight is not my goal anyway, getting healthier is.  Losing weight is a benefit of getting healthier.  So I stayed away from the scale knowing that it would be hard to lose much weight without exercise anyway.  I will update my weight and BMI in the next post.  

 Never give up. Get that heart rate up and never stop believing in yourself.  I WILL KEEP GOING!!!





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Yesterday I had a great cardio workout at the gym.  I am not a big fan of the gym, but when I go I work.  Don’t feel like wasting my time and money by going to the gym and talking or pretending to work out.  I am a people watcher though and I always like to look at others to see other exercises I could be doing.  It’s a good way to learn, but because I am a people watcher, I always feel like other people are watching me too and judging me.  I hear that many people have this issue.  The worst part is, I know that’s not what they are doing, but I still can’t stop thinking it.   I will get into this a lot more as the weeks go by.  Just one of my many issues.

As for the setback, sometimes you can’t control them.  Setbacks are not excuses.  Trust me, I am real good at excuses.  Don’t get them confused.  I have been battling a cold and head congestion throughout the holidays.  I thought it had gone away but it turned out only to be a brief leave of absence.  I started coughing a lot last night and feeling the congestion has moved into my chest now.  Went to the doctor this morning and found out that I have an upper respiratory infection (URI). Doctor said to take it easy for a couple of days…urgh!!!  I have been try to find something to refute the claim that I should exercise still, but all I keep finding is websites telling me to take it easy with the URI…frustrating.  As soon as I get started I have to stop.  At least I can eat like crap again…WRONG.  That would be using my setback as an excuse.  Not going to to do that.  I will continue to eat better and I will still do my stretches and planking.  I think I can get through that without overexerting myself…well maybe not the planking, but I need to do something to feel like I am not sitting on my butt.  To plank or not to plank?  That is the question.  I will plank.  Time for lots of fluids, fruits and vegetables…and plenty of TV and internet.  Too bad work will get in the way tomorrow.

Here is a link explaining exercising while you are sick.

In The Beginning…


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I am starting this off frustrated already.  I just made my first post, but forgot to save it and lost it.  It was a good post too.  Now I can’t remember what I said.  So it’s kind of appropriate that I am back at the beginning.  This is how most of my plans to to lose weight always begin.  I have a new plan though.  My plan is not to lose weight, but to get healthier.  This is a struggle for me.  It is a constant battle…actually that’s wrong.  It’s a war.  You see I am in love with bad food, sitting on my butt, and making up excuses, but at 40 years old things need to change.  I decided that Jan 1st, 2014 would be the time for that change, so of course I spent the holidays being as unhealthy as I possibly can be.  BIG MISTAKE.  It’s making it so much harder to start.

I am actually starting this blog later than I should have.  I started my journey on Jan 1st.  I gave up bread and all bread-like foods (cakes, crackers, pretzels, etc.) for the month of January.  I also have decided to cut out all of the major sweets that I can.  It’s been tough already and I am only 4 days in.

This blog will document my journey and hopefully keep me motivated and vigilant throughout the process.  I have given up too many times before.  I am too old to keep starting over.  So this is it.  I will do my best to keep this entertaining, which shouldn’t be hard since I will most likely be embarrassing myself as often as possible.  I am not an expert on nutrition or exercise.  I will not be using pills, supplements, programs or surgery in the process of getting healthier.  I am only using diet and exercise.  Hopefully, with my wife’s help (she knows quite a bit about this stuff), I will be able to get a little healthier throughout 2014 and make some changes to my everyday life that are better for me.  It will be hell. That I am sure of.

Weight loss is not my goal, but it is a good measuring stick.  That and BMI are how I will track my journey.  I hope this awful nightmare that I will be going through is entertaining for you and that in the end (not that I foresee an actual end to a healthier me) I will be happy that I did this.

As of Jan 1 my weight was 261.4 and my BMI 33.56 (OUCH).