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Yesterday I had a great cardio workout at the gym.  I am not a big fan of the gym, but when I go I work.  Don’t feel like wasting my time and money by going to the gym and talking or pretending to work out.  I am a people watcher though and I always like to look at others to see other exercises I could be doing.  It’s a good way to learn, but because I am a people watcher, I always feel like other people are watching me too and judging me.  I hear that many people have this issue.  The worst part is, I know that’s not what they are doing, but I still can’t stop thinking it.   I will get into this a lot more as the weeks go by.  Just one of my many issues.

As for the setback, sometimes you can’t control them.  Setbacks are not excuses.  Trust me, I am real good at excuses.  Don’t get them confused.  I have been battling a cold and head congestion throughout the holidays.  I thought it had gone away but it turned out only to be a brief leave of absence.  I started coughing a lot last night and feeling the congestion has moved into my chest now.  Went to the doctor this morning and found out that I have an upper respiratory infection (URI). Doctor said to take it easy for a couple of days…urgh!!!  I have been try to find something to refute the claim that I should exercise still, but all I keep finding is websites telling me to take it easy with the URI…frustrating.  As soon as I get started I have to stop.  At least I can eat like crap again…WRONG.  That would be using my setback as an excuse.  Not going to to do that.  I will continue to eat better and I will still do my stretches and planking.  I think I can get through that without overexerting myself…well maybe not the planking, but I need to do something to feel like I am not sitting on my butt.  To plank or not to plank?  That is the question.  I will plank.  Time for lots of fluids, fruits and vegetables…and plenty of TV and internet.  Too bad work will get in the way tomorrow.

Here is a link explaining exercising while you are sick.